Bowen therapy

- One of Sweden almost entirely new treatment. It occurred in Australia in the 50s by a man named Thomas Bowen. In the 80's the method were spreading around the world.

Bowen Therapy
- Relax the muscles at least as well as massage
- Right to deformities in the bones.
- Balances and improves the body's functions
- Is the energizing and stress-reducing

Bowen therapy is very nice to have. It is completely relaxed while the therapist stimulates certain points. Then taken a couple of minutes break, causing the body to allow time to respond to treatment. One treatment is rarely enough, we recommend at least 3 treatments 1 week apart. Then consider it if it takes several treatments, depending on how the body reacted. We can provide treatments as long as you notice changes. When the reaction subsided, it is appropriate to a few weeks break, before resuming operations and achieve even better results. The bodies knows and continues where you left.

Welcome to Your Bowen Therapist!

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