Massage & Wellness

I have in my practice specialized in 5 different directions with regard to alternative treatments:

1st Bowen therapy: This method, which involves smooth scrolling over certain muscle attachments, are very smooth and relaxing. The effect is that the body be informed up and corrected. Bowen Therapy is completely new in Sweden, but is common in Australia and America. Click here for more details!

2nd Massage: I was trained to certified masseur. I have a solid and thorough education. Massages called classic massage, and deep, relaxing, tension-wasting and improve circulation. If necessary, I stretch out for short muscles using the PNF method

3rd Reflexology: It deals with disease states by massaging the zones under the feet. The method is very old and effective. Is much circulation promoters. The combination of massage - reflexology is wonderful.

4th Intestinal flap Balancing: With this method, which means that you agree to certain acupuncture points along the body, you can overcome most of the stomachproblems. Think about it! Do not go and lid unnecessarily!

5th Psychological Balance Rings: In collaboration with researchers in Malmo, I worked with Thought Field Therapy, which is an American, a very effective method in a simple way to process and eliminate various negative emotions, as phobias, anxiety and so on. Please ask me more!